Dubai in pictures

I have too many pictures of Dubai to share and couldn't include all of them in the original travelogue. So here's presenting just the pictures -

1 Million Arab Coders Initiative! Arabs want their jobs back! 

Burj Khalifa At The Top Entrance

Burj Khalifa as seen from the Dubai Fountain

Burj Khalifa in the Guinness World Record

Many stores accept Apple Pay

Remember, Dubai is a conservative country. This is Carrefour

Dubai Gold Souq

More of Dubai Gold Souq. Clothes of Gold!

Even more of Dubai Gold Souq! This is the largest Gold ring in the World, Guinness World Record certificate in the pic as well

The unending Dubai Mall. No picture does justice

The Monarch likes being pictured. You will see as many hoardings with his image as you see of our PM Modi in India. Just saying

Watch what you read! They do watch what you read!

One more just in case you forgot who runs the place!
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Underpasses are well lit

The Dubai Fountain, as seen from Burj Khalifa At The Top

Alas! The Uber Chopper wasn't available when we landed

Are Duck Feather pillows considered non-veg? Can vegetarians sleep on them?

Starbucks drinks available on the go!

Running Track at Public Beach

Sighted Hindi at the Atlantis station in Palm Jumeirah, had to click!

No Taxes whatsoever on any of the bills!

Mall of the Emirates. No picture does justice

One of the few random images from the cab

Shoutout to Hyatt Regency, loved the stay

Do you want to walk or stand?

Height matters, especially of your children travelling in metro

More important is the fact that people actually follow this!

Metro route maps are convenient and available everywhere
Dubai Travelogue Playlist -

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