Doctor, Love - My ebook, out now!

Let's cut to the chase. You are here because (hopefully) you are interested in my first attempt at writing a small e-book: Doctor, Love! So let me try and give you a quick glimpse.

Doctor, Love is a story of Tanya - a young, passionate, career-oriented Doctor in Delhi. She practices in two of the biggest hospitals in the city and is also considering getting a Ph. D. While the book doesn't really aim at telling a love story, I won't blame you if you feel like it does flirt with the idea of one. Our protagonist is single and marriage isn't really a priority for her.

However, that changes when her boyfriend (aiming to be husband soon) decides to create ripples in their calm-water-esque relationship. Tanya isn't necessarily running away from the wedlock but isn't too pleased either. Why? (hint: you need to read the book 😋)

There is also an uncredited antagonist in the story and its perfectly fine if you are not able to make that out. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my hours and hours of after-office-work in the form of this short story.

Now the important question - how do you get this e-book?

Below are all the three ways available!

1. Read the entire book over at my blog
Take me to the blog

2. Share your email address and I will send you the entire PDF for free
Send me the PDF

3. Grab your copy from Amazon
Take me to Amazon
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