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To BE (and MBA) or not to BE (and MBA)

It's June. The month when roughly 15 lac engineers graduate in India every year! So let's understand what are their plans ahead.

But before that, there's one thing that I have noticed about working away from home, the people back in the hometown consider you an achiever. By working in an alien city whether you have achieved anything is a separate discussion altogether. Not that I am complaining but this giant-societal-expectations cloud hovers above your head all the time and occasionally results in the rain of unnecessary stress and fear of failure. But not everything is that bad. Since you are considered as someone who is doing good for himself, there are times when an acquaintance may reach out for some career advice and hence pop my favorite question - Should I do MBA after BE?
Let me be honest. I have no idea if there is any right or wrong answer to this. Just because I did MBA after BE doesn't give me any authority to suggest it to someone. In fact MBA and BE prese…
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