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To BE (and MBA) or not to BE (and MBA)

It's June. The month when roughly 15 lac engineers graduate in India every year! So let's understand what are their plans ahead.

But before that, there's one thing that I have noticed about working away from home. The people back in the hometown consider you an achiever. By working in an alien city whether you have achieved anything is a separate discussion altogether. Not that I am complaining but this giant-societal-expectations-cloud hovers above your head all the time and occasionally results in the rain of unnecessary stress and fear of failure. But not everything is that bad. Since you are considered as someone who is doing good for himself, there are times when an acquaintance may reach out for some career advice and hence pop my favorite question - Should I do an MBA after BE? 

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Giving it a second thought, why MBA af…

The problem with the 'Sharma Ji ka beta' Approach!

We have all been there. We have all seen the ‘Sharma ji ka beta’ memes. Chances are, we have been compared to a ‘Sharma ji ka beta’ in our childhood at least once be it the usual exam scores or any of our habits. For those of us that have been compared much more often, ‘Sharma ji ka beta’ tends to become the ultimate yardstick of success. Being a winner or achieving success in life becomes getting a step ahead of ‘Sharma ji ka beta’, nothing more than that.
Fast forward some years and if your belief gets stronger the situation will only worsen. You are inclined to find ‘Sharma ji ka betas’ everywhere including among friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors. Your new phone needs to be the technologically advanced version, your car needs to be the higher end model and your TV needs to be wider than whoever-you-consider-to-be-the-‘Sharma ji ka beta’-in-your-life.
Your efforts become meaningless. It doesn’t matter how hard you may have tried and whether you reached your goal (if you had…

Doctor, Love - Your questions answered!

If you have no idea what this blog is about, let me start by letting you know how you can read my e-book - Doctor, Love

1. Read it on the blog here 2. Get the free PDF here 3. Grab your copy from Amazon here
(All three ways are also available on the landing page of the e-book here)
Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you that the response to the e-book has been quite overwhelming. To be frank, I never really thought that so many of my friends would even consider reading a short story written by me. But reading is one thing, the interest that everyone showed, the number of copies I mailed out and the compliments and questions I received in response was something I could have never imagined.

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So here I am, blogging my take on the most asked questions about Doctor, Love.
1. Why the name Doctor, Love? - Vague and inexpressi…

What is your total experience?

"More than 5 years now." I quickly answered after a small calculation. But the next question was surprising.

"How can you measure your experience in terms of years?"

Dumbfounded. I had no idea where this conversation was heading towards. So I smiled waiting for an explanation.

"Your experience cannot be measured in years or any other unit of time for that matter. After all its 'experience', in double inverted commas. Let me ask you this, what was your experience of this training, would your answer be 5 days?"

I knew that was a rhetoric and it did led me into thinking about it.

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When a 63 year old man with immense experience of delivering World class projects for four decades tells you that the number of years is not how you calculate experience, you are ought to give it another thought. Can our work ex…

Doctor, Love - My ebook, out now!

Let's cut to the chase. You are here because (hopefully) you are interested in my first attempt at writing a small e-book: Doctor, Love! So let me try and give you a quick glimpse.

Doctor, Love is a story of Tanya - a young, passionate, career-oriented Doctor in Delhi. She practices in two of the biggest hospitals in the city and is also considering getting a Ph. D. While the book doesn't really aim at telling a love story, I won't blame you if you feel like it does flirt with the idea of one. Our protagonist is single and marriage isn't really a priority for her.

However, that changes when her boyfriend (aiming to be husband soon) decides to create ripples in their calm-water-esque relationship. Tanya isn't necessarily running away from the wedlock but isn't too pleased either. Why? (hint: you need to read the book 😋)

There is also an uncredited antagonist in the story and its perfectly fine if you are not able to make that out. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy my…

Blogger - The new age endorser

For those of us that do not blog, do not have a YouTube channel, do not post much on social media - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram included, all of this could just be a 'waste of time'. This 'waste of time' is often attributed to 'you can eat your food without sharing its picture on social media' sort of comments.

So what are the people not posting their #foodporn photos on social media missing out on? Nothing much. Except for the fact that there are bloggers who review restaurants and earn a share when people visit those restaurants on their recommendation. This revenue-sharing-for-expert-opinion model is precisely the impact of the blogger.

A new term has recently emerged - YouTuber. Earlier, a YouTuber was basically a Vlogger (aka Video Blogger). Gaming, Tech, Beauty, Reviews, Sports, Cooking, you name it and the YouTubers are available in abundance. What is their impact? Ask someone who owns a large LCD TV and the latest PlayStation gaming console because th…

What is the one compliment that apply to all men?

Let me admit this before we start - I totally love it when I get an email or an instant message from someone asking anything about my blog. Ask someone who blogs, what could be more fulfilling than someone actually reading it! 😁

I have earlier blogged about the top 3 compliments that apply to all women and I recently received a question asking the top 3 compliments that could apply to all men out there! Well that seems to be an easy question. And I call it easy partly because we men are not used to even half the compliments women get. Talk about being an unappreciated gender!

So when a man receives a compliment he instantly jumps to cloud 9 and most of us don't even know how to react. A simple "Thank You" is good enough though.

But back to the original question - is there a "your eyes are so lovely" (a sure shot compliment applicable to all women of the World) kind of compliment that applies to all men?

You see, that is where it gets tricky. The compliments that m…

The #1 resume mistake!

Yes Sir, this is the blog I did my first facebook live video about :-)

I have pretty much covered everything I wanted to include but nonetheless the blog is here!

To begin with I must say there are tons of advice available out there when it comes to perfecting your resume. There are many ways to 'get your resume right'. But the number 1 mistake anyone can make when it comes to resume is not treating it as a live document.

Mostly resumes are updated only when we are looking for a job change which eventually becomes one more hurdle in the new job search. Now I am no resume writing professional or a career expert but below are a few reasons I feel the resume needs to stay updated at all times,

1. Often times, we get informed by our ex-colleagues and friends about job opportunities in their respective organizations that we might be interested in. However, since our resumes are seldom updated, by the time we update and send across, the job posting is either already no longer available …

Exactly how boring can reading a book be?

There goes a saying - "a person who doesn't read has no advantage over a person who cannot read."

Well technologically speaking, that isn't true. *Geek Logic* There are audio books and softwares of all kinds available out there that can read the book for us regardless of our ability to read. Of course in this case we must be able to listen!

Here's the question though - exactly how boring can reading a book get?

Some people would rather watch paint dry than read a book. While some others will be baffled by the question, after all, how can reading a book be boring for anyone?

Personally, I think reading books is very underrated especially considering the life transforming potential that they carry. School books were enough reading for me in my teenage while the coolest new thing called the 'internet' kept me busy in late 2000s. But this doesn't mean that I ran away at the sight of those fat fiction novels. However, it does mean that I started out on the jou…

MBA? So what's your startup idea?

If you are an MBA, atleast once someone, somewhere must have asked you - so what's your startup idea?
With the words like 'entrepreneurship', 'venture capital', 'seed funding' and, ofcourse, 'startup' appearing almost everywhere from TV to Newspapers and from Facebook feeds to YouTube videos, it is almost a moral obligation for an MBA to have a startup idea! After all, what else do they teach you in MBA? :-)
Personally, my answer has always been a food joint. But I am pretty sure that there are much more soon-to-be-restaurateurs out there than the number of existing restaurants. I have never really taken a step further in planning a food joint which in itself is a proof enough that it is not my cup of hot chocolate. I also tend to believe that the buzz around has developed a notion that owning a company is too damn cool! But this buzz doesn't address the fact that RUNNING a company is where the dirty work lies
Now while we are at it, and I being an…

The top 5 most annoying co-workers!

The only disclaimer I would like to add before I start this blog is that it’s my blog, you have read the title and you are the best person to decide if you want to read further :-)
Also, there are all kinds of people in every office (and everywhere else) and not everyone will fit in a category below. But if you do come across someone mentioned below, you have been warned!
1. The interrogator 5W1H is by default the first word of most of their sentences. You might think that a question is often a conversation starter and there is nothing wrong with that but when you feel like the entire conversation was simply answering questions, you my friend, have just spoken to the interrogator!
2. The dealer "You bought this for 25000? I could get you something far better in much less!" Dealers are usually more knowledgeable than you are and whatever they own is much better than anything you will ever possess. It doesn’t end there because dealers get better deals on everything including holida…

What is your fat burning zone?

In one of my previous blogs, I did share the absolute #1 fat loss tip but in order for everything to work, you also need to make sure you are in your fat burning zone. Nutrition is the other important thing. In this blog, I am covering the fat burning zone.

Question - What exactly is fat burning zone and how to measure it?

The first thing you would need for this is a heart rate monitor and I recommend the Xiaomi Mi Band (here is my review and amazon link). Now let's get down to our math exercise of the day,

Step 1
Subtract your age with 220. I am 29 so below is what I get,
220 - 29 (your age) = 191

Step 2
Multiply the result of step 1 with 0.6 and 0.8
191 x 0.6 = 114.6
191 x 0.8 = 152.8

This heart rate range of 114.6 to 152.8 is the fat burning zone for all 29 year olds out there. Anything above this is muscle loss (the most dreaded thing for our body builder friends). Below is a handy table I have put together,

Step 3
Use the Xiaomi Mi Band or any other heart rate monitor to keep track of yo…

Xiaomi Mi Band review

If you personally know me, you already know that I am into running. I have been using the Xiaomi Mi Band for quite some time now and although I don't really review products on my blog, I would like to give you a quick overview of this handy fitness band.

The Mi Band is a simple rubber strip with a piece of aluminium hardware that does the entire job. In addition to monitoring your steps, it also monitors your sleep and heart rate (heart rate is what we need to measure the fat burning zone)

The official app that brings this band to life, Mi Fit, keeps your fitness records and streaks handy. The band can also vibrate to give you notifications like incoming calls, alarms etc.

You don't have to keep your phone's bluetooth or location turned on all day for the band to work. The band will automatically sync the entire data with your phone when you open the app and turn on the location and bluetooth. The band is also water resistant (IP 67) and Xiaomi claims a 30 day battery life to…

The last kilometer

As someone who has run close to 1000 kms and burned more than 65000 kcal in the process (thanks to Endomondo for the stats), I feel worthy enough to share some pointers on running. To be frank, these stats above are nothing compared to some of the marathoners that I know. But if you haven't run a single km in your life and are looking to make a start, this blog will definitely be helpful.

Below are my top 4 tips for starters to make it to the 'last km',

1. Get inspired. It's simple. No activity can start without motivation so if you want to run you need motivation, be it fat loss to shed some extra kilos, be it getting in shape or be it the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Motivation is what is going to get you started

2. And if motivation is going to get you started, music will keep you going. Running is one of the most high intensity workouts and the fact is that its tiring, its tough and you are going to sweat like anything. If you continue after the first 5 minutes, you woul…

The absolute #1 fat loss tip!

No side talks. Let's get straight down to it. You know the question - what is the #1 thing that I should do to lose some fat?

The answer is in the math - burn more calories than you consume!

An average man requires 2500 kcal and an average woman requires 2000 kcal everyday. So if you are an average man consuming 2500 kcal everyday, you need to burn more than 2500 kcal everyday to create a fat deficit.

The good part is, we burn calories while doing everything, even while sleeping! But can you sleep your way to fat loss? Not so easy pal!

But the best way to burn fat is to cardio... 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach!

- Wait... what?
- But what about my pre-workout shake?
- Exercising on empty stomach! What if I fell down unconscious or throw up?
- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is no way I am doing anything before having a well balanced pre-workout breakfast!

Well the science behind this is to tap on the stored body fat. When we wake up, we have basically…

Top 4 things all PMP aspirants must give up!

All thanks to my PMP certification, I have been approached by a lot of people of late on all kinds of platforms for a little bit of guidance on clearing the exam. But this blog is not about all of that (I am anyways available to tell you about it, if required). I have previously blogged about how I cleared the PMP in 7 weeks and if you are a PMP aspirant, I suggest checking out As far as this blog is concerned, the inspiration has been the best question that I got about PMP,

What do I need to give up to clear PMP?

I call it the best question because it's just way too much on the point. If someone is leading a peaceful non-PMP certified life, what all does he need to give up to swim through the PMP ocean. This is also a question, I would myself like to find an answer to, before venturing into anything new. So after a bit of thinking and recalling the dreaded days of my run up to the PMP exam, below are the top 4 things all PMP aspirants must give up!

1. Social Life
This …
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